Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mermaid Book

1st Project for the year was this Mermaid book.....
My inspiration came from a tub of Frantage Micra Fragments I bought but never used, I totally loved the colours & they reminded me of fish scales.
The image is a Saturated Canary stamp which I put onto Neenah Cardstock.
Coloured with Spectrum Noir pens & Pencils....
Skin... Pens... FS2,3,4,5 & 9 
Skin Pencils... 5,8 & 9 
I used Blending Fluid to blend the times together.
Hair... Pens... EB3,5,8 & TN 3
Hair... Pencils... 100,104,110
Tail... Pencils... 65,67 & 71
Shell Top... pencils... 114 & 117

The main part of the mermaids tail I used Collall All Purpose glue & added the Frantage Blue Micra Fragments. I then used Glossy accents to the tail top & Fin & her eye.
Left it to dry whilst I worked on the book.

The book I used Collall Tacky Glue & used a sheet of card I had for many years but never found anything to use it for I then I added 2 sheets of Colorcore card. 
I used Collall red liner tape to attach the Ribbon.
All around the bottom I threw lots of Frantage on to give it a feel of a sandy sea bed. 
The Frantage colours were...
Embossing Enamels... Chunky White, Shabby White, aged silver, aged gold, aged Ivory & aged bronze
I then used Collall 3d gel to hold all the decorations.... buttons flowers, gem stones & card candy. After I added the flowers whilst the gel was still wet I added more Frantage to hide the bottom of the flowers & gems.
The Die cut I used to cut out the glitter card was Diesire Grace Frame. I didn't need to emboss it. I used Collall 3d gel to keep the frames & Mermaid in place.
The shell is a real shell that I sprayed with Gold paint & then whilst still wet added glitter so that it matched the Shell top on the mermaid. To hold the shell in place I used Collall 3d gel & on the underside edge that would touch the book front I used a thin smear of Collall all purpose glue. The ribbon & metal embellishment were added using Collall all purpose glue & then again used with the pearls in the die cut.
I made this book yesterday & seeing it now I totally love it. It does weigh heavy as nearly a full tube of Collall 3d gel was used but I know everything will stay in place now :) xxx

Happy New Year 2015

received my Fab parcel from Joanna Sheen yesterday (New Years Eve) totally amazing service as It was lightening delivery. I was out & did not get home until late so left it on my craft table to open on New Years Day. I was sooooooo excited to open the discs as House Mouse & The gruffles are just gorgeous. 
Flicking through I seem so many images I loved that I decided to make a New Years resolution card. 
I don't personally make resolutions as by 2nd January Iv always broken them!
So this card is for all that are making the New Years resolution of losing excess pounds they put in over the Xmas period.                   
              xxx GOOD LUCK xxx

Thursday, 11 December 2014

My 1st card made in New House

Well with the craft room now sorted I actually enjoyed sitting & browsing through CDs I had bought & never used & ended up not being able to resist using Makey Bakey Mice Christmas CD ROM it's well cute :) the Decoupage, backing paper & sentiment are from the CD & then I added a few polystyrene balls to a bag & added a little glitter & shook the bag until they were coated to make mini snowballs. I then used Collall tacky glue to add the fake snow & mini snowballs. The baubles Are held in place using Collall 3D gel. I added some brown ribbon & some pearls & I'm looking forward to making the box. It will have to wait now until tomorrow as I'm starting tea now then I can have a bath & watch some TV. xxx

Home Made Fat Balls

so I bought a tub of 50 Fat Balls but the amount of birds that visit soon left the nets empty, so last night I put some thick bread & sesame seed rolls into the blender to turn them into bread crumbs, added peanuts & bird seed & then melted some lard. I then moulded them into balls. I left them in the fridge over night & this morning Iv opened the empty nets & placed the new fat balls inside. I used bakers twine to sew the tops & left some length to the twine for hanging the Fat Balls up. As I was sewing the nets up my German Shepherd dog stole one & tried to do a runner with it, he loves eating nuts as my parrot regularly throws them out the cage to him. I had my hubby hang them on the bird stand & Arch way & so far so good as they love them :) xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Internet is up & running :)

Ok so the post I wrote last week has only just been sent but how fab things can become within a week :) Poor Satallite installation man was mugged by us all to get our gadgets connected to the wireless router lol. I was unable to post comments unless I was in town which is an hour drive away & I haven't been out much, I'm enjoying the new house & surroundings to much. 
It was all go today with the Satallite being fitted & then the chimney sweep arrived early which was a good job as the lounge chimney took him over an hour to clean. The bedroom fire place is now up & running & I wanna go bed early just so I can watch the fire in bed. My Drs medical went well but I have to go back on Thuraday with weather permitting as we have bad weather coming in but with freezer full & store room bursting I'm ready to be snowed in now. I'm sure broadband will go down when bad weather hits us but that's something I can cope with as long as it's not off for 4 weeks lol xxx

Internet........ Pants!

Ok so yesterday was the day I waited for BT to arrive to set up my Broadband. I placed the order 5 weeks ago & text messages & emails had been coming in to the countdown. BT man arrived nice & early & my day was planned to sit & play on the Internet all day to get back into the swing of it. Then! The words I didn't want to hear we are to remote to get any broadband :( we have a telephone line but the line is to old to be able to receive internet :( i now have to spend the day looking at satellite broadband company's. I think a phone call to BT is in order as now I'm sick of the messages coming in from BT saying my broadband is up & ready! I think it's time they started to listen to actual people instead of automatic robots sending messages out which is wasting my mobile phone contract internet. 
On the bright side..... I'm still loving my new house & now my Daughter & Grandkids have moved in the house is filled with love & laughter. 
I'm also looking forward to my new Doctors medical as I'm sure my stress levels are extremely low & BP pressure is perfect. Life is good :) xxxxx

Monday, 24 November 2014

New start

Well I'm here in my new house & to be honest.... WOW I totally love it. I wake up to birds singing & it's such a relaxing environment its a dream come true. It took two lorry loads to bring all our stuff up but now most of the boxes are unpacked & things have a place. I never know where to find things in their new place but that's part of the fun. I love my bedroom and I could stay in that room all day watching the fire, but it's time for me to get back into the craft room. I don't know what to make its like all my inspiration is back in St. Helens so I'm going to go sit in the room & look for something to finish rather than look for something to start from fresh. 

Torreads Card & Candle in a box

Torreads Card & Candle in a box

Baby Shoes Card

Baby Shoes Card

Shoe on a gift box card

Shoe on a gift box card